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An Editorial Review for The Goddess's Wards

I received an #editorial #review this morning for The Goddess's Wards.

The review comes from the renowned Reader's Favorite contest. They have earned the respect of renowned publishers like Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins, and are very proud to be fully accredited by the BBB (A+ rating), which is a rarity among Book Review and Book Award Contest companies.

It's an honor to have received a review by Reader's Favorite,and I couldn't be happier.

Without further ado, here's what they had to say about The Goddess's Wards.

✨✨ Editorial review - Delene Vrey for Readers' Favorite ✨✨

"To stop a #demon from causing great destruction, the Moon Goddess has formed a coalition pack uniting #werewolves and #witches. They will be her wards, and their task is to protect the demon’s sepulcher. However, this duty comes with a #curse. As the seal on the demon’s prison weakens, a child will be born with a special mark. The child born on a blessed night will have to be sacrificed before their 27th birthday to strengthen the seal once more. What will happen when Matthew's father, the #Alpha, together with the entire pack, decide to turn their backs on the promise their ancestors made to the Moon Goddess? When people go missing and the dead rise again, will the sacrifice have to be made, or will there be another solution? Will Matthew find his fated mate, or will he die as a sacrifice? The Goddess's Wards by Danielle Paquette-Harvey tells the story of people refusing to be bound by preconditions and the machinations of gods and demons.

The Goddess's Wards by Danielle Paquette-Harvey tells the history behind her acclaimed series Longing Mates. The story has everything that a #paranormal #romance reader wants, including #vampires, shifters, witches, and nymphs. Combine this with a pathetic human making a deal with a demon to take revenge on those he perceives as his enemies, and you have the makings of an engaging and exciting read. Danielle creates a world where anything is possible. With a myriad of #fantasy characters combined in a world that is left to the whims of evil entities and petty gods, the fated mates must find each other and fight for inclusion as well as acceptance in their communities."

WOW! I am so proud of this review! That, combined with all the five stars reviews I've been getting from readers, I can really say, this #book is a #binge read worth every penny.

If you still haven't grabbed a copy of this #BestSeller #dark fantasy, now's your chance! The e-book is available at the very low price of 4.99$

But hurry! It won't stay at this price forever.

Have you read The Goddess's Wards? Leave me a message, or even better, leave a review on #Amazon, #Goodreads, #Bookbub, or any social media of your choice.

Let everyone know what YOU think of this incredible read!

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