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Are you missing out on an incredible book?

We've all been looking for the book. That one book you just can't put down, that #bingeread.

Everyone has been talking about this book!

It's got everything you need:

  • Sexy, Powerful, Alpha Werewolf

  • Strong Witch

  • Mysterious Vampire

  • Sizzling Steamy Romance

  • Dark Fantasy

  • Wicked Demon

  • Dark Necromancer

This is the book that you won't be able to put down!

Who needs sleep anyway, right? Escape into this #darkfantasy. Your next #bookboyfriend is waiting for you, and you don't want to keep him waiting (#hotbookboyfriend #steamyromance)

And can we talk about this #greatcover? I mean, OMG, you need this book on your bookshelf!

So which book am I talking about?

I'm talking about The Goddess's Wards, of course!

This is a #newrelease, and you should go and get it now before the price increases!

That's right! You can now get the #ebook at 50% Off!

This price won't last, as the price will increase in 3 days! Don't wait! Get the ebook at a reduced price now!

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