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Are your books available in Italian?

Wow! Have you seen this? The prequel to my #romanzo series, "The Prophecy" has been translated to Italian! This is amazing! I hope people in Italy will love my series.

I need to thank the amazing Davide Seidita and Sabrina Fava, who did the English to Italian translation. They are two amazing authors from #Italy

This is only the beginning, as plans to get all the #books from the series in Italian are being made. I'm hoping to have them all translated before the end of 2023.

Are your favorite books translated in different languages?

Do you speak Italian?

In what language would you like to see my books?

Seeing the three books together, I can't help but to feel like this is a huge accomplishment! What do you think? Leave a comment below or write me! I'd love to hear from you.

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