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Dark Fantasy has a new name... 👀 - Special Launch Price

People are obsessed with Caleb! They just can't get enough of him, and five-star reviews are coming in!

  • "I’m only 15% in and I’m sucked in. Your writing is so vivid. I have this dread looming over me waiting for whatever is coming cause I know it is!!!!😳"

  • "I know Caleb isn’t “good” but I really like him. I love a good villain 😏"

  • "Dark fantasy has a new name: Caleb."

  • "There's a lot to unpack in this wicked and page-turning tale. Deceit, love, curses, and secrets are just to name a few of my favorite elements in this story."

  • "Caleb - he's going to redefine what we deem good and evil."

  • "Be prepared to lose sleep and give up on adult responsibilities."

  • "🖤Wow, this book was fabulous. [...] Caleb, a vampire for hire/assassin . Oh me oh my do I have a weakness for a beautifully morally dark grey “good” villain and boy does he fit the bill. Reading from his point of view, and being in his mind, hearing his naughty and wicked inner thoughts is delightful.!

  • "🗡️ This perfect blend of paranormal and dark fantasy romance full of captivating characters , epic action and gasp worthy twists is a wonderful read."

  • "When do we get book 2 lol !!! Obsessed with Caleb."

  • "This book was the perfect amount of spice and plot. loved Caleb I feel like I always route for the villain"

  • "I loved Caleb as the morally grey character and can’t wait to see how he develops in the next novel. I’m a sucker for the villain."

But don't take their opinion. Read it for yourself at the Special Launch Price of $2.99 ‼️🤯

Hurry up, as this won't last! Now's your chance to grab your copy TODAY

I want to meet Caleb!!

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