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Have you met Eshenesra?

Well if you didn't, you should definitely meet her. She's a strong dark elf who had to face hardship in her life. She's been hated and mistreated, but she will find friends, and people who love her, to help her get over those hardships.

Here's one of the latest pictures of her.

Now don't mind her outfit. She's working as a maid at the elven castle and didn't have time to work. For you see, Mytvathyr is the biggest elven city. It is home to one of the oldest, and most renowned magic guilds. At the center of the city stands the castle. Big, magnificent, with towers dancing with the clouds. It really is a wonder to look at!

If you never had the opportunity to visit the city, I suggest you do so, today!

You can do so by reading The Fallen, my next romance fantasy novel. It's available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. You can also send me a message about having a signed copy sent to you.

The French version will be available at the beginning of 2023.

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