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What Everybody Ought to Know About Me

I'm very happy to say that my #authorinterview has been published on #allauthor website!

It's such an honor to be featured by AllAuthor! Their questions were interesting and very few people had asked me those questions before.

Some of the questions include #challenges I've faced on the road to #publication, #mistakes I've made when #writing my first book, and even secrets about my next series I'm currently working on.

Here are few excerpt from the interview.

AllAuthor: Do writers read a lot? Why or why not?

They do; at least, I do. I think #writers are all book lovers and their love for stories comes from reading. Immersing myself in a book is a great way to relieve my stress. It also allows me to see how other authors write and how they tackle certain situations in their books. It opens my mind to new ideas and can inspire some ideas for future books, adjusting them to your style and world.

AllAuthor: As an author, what is your favorite way to get to know your characters before beginning to write?

As an author, I always define my character before writing them. I usually start with a trait of personality that this character will have, as well as the role he will play in the storyline. I close my eyes and imagine what this character looks like, what he likes and dislikes, and I write everything down. When I can clearly see him in my imagination, I go on and write all the details about this character, and then I name him.

AllAuthor: Did you let anyone read your novel, The Goddess's Wards while you were still working on it? What was their reaction?

I have two very close author friends with whom I share snippets of the novels I’m currently working on. They’re usually very excited to read them and are eager to read the whole book. Besides, my Arc readers are the first to read the manuscript when all my edits are done, and I’m happy with the book. I send them the Arc version simultaneously as I send it to my editor for the final edits (typos and minor things).

AllAuthor: What was the hardest part of editing your book, Age-old Enemies?

While editing Age-Old Enemies, I thought I was almost done; I realized I needed to add an essential scene for my character development. That scene needed to take place near the beginning of the book, and because of that, I needed to change almost all the chapters that came after that. In the end, I re-wrote most of the storyline a second time and then started my edits again.

You should definitely check the whole interview here:

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