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😈 What if you fell in love with your captor?

Kate has been abducted by a vampire...

A guard came in and dropped a plate in my cell before leaving. The food smelled good, I hadn’t eaten all day and my stomach growled. Nothing assured me there was not poison or some sort of truth serum in that food. There was no way I was eating this. I’m not drinking either. Screw this. I’m not cooperating, even if it means I die. Thinking back to earlier. I thought I had a plan. But when he came into the cell, I froze … again… What the hell is wrong with me? I heard my wolf call to me. She wanted me to go to him. But I told her to stop, she must be wrong. That man kidnapped me. He was the enemy. He was a vampire, for god’s sake! Why was I so attracted to him? If I can’t beat him, then I’ll find another way. If I must, I will let myself die here. Maybe if I’m lucky, the pack will come and find me soon. Even better, when someone else comes into the cell, if it’s not him, then surely, I’ll be able to attack. Never in my life have I felt so desperate. Captured by my worst enemies, stuck in a cold cell. And even worse, my wolf calling me to go to the one who captured me. Tears dripped down my cheeks in silence.

Age-Old Enemies is a werewolf and vampire romance novel. It’s an enemies-to-lovers book. Assassins are lurking, it's the dawn of a new war between werewolves and vampires. The nymph's lands will be once more stained with blood. A forbidden love blooms as the two lovers try to find the stolen book of secrets.

This story picks up about eighteen years after The Prophecy. You will get to see lots of characters from the first book.

Grab you copy today!

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