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Dark Fantasy Book Cursed King


Award-Winning, Amazon International Best Seller Writer of steamy romance fantasy books

Born in Montreal.
💕Writing is my passion! 💕 My books have been sold worldwide, from Canada and USA, to Australia and Japan, and many more countries.

My books are masterpieces of romance, mixed with just the right amount of steam and fantasy. They are filled with werewolves and vampires. All of my books are available on Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited!

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Favorite Quotes

"Some loved me, others feared me, but all called me the same thing: the cursed king." - Cursed King

"His kiss was possessive, as if he had held back for so long and finally allowed what he longed for." - The Goddess's Wards

"As I bent the rules of the living and the dead, toying with the Gods powers, I feared my own death only more." - The Goddess's Wards

"I heard my wolf call to me. She wanted me to go to him. But I told her to stop, she must be wrong. That man kidnapped me. He was the enemy. He was a vampire, for god’s sake! Why was I so attracted to him?" - Age-Old Enemies

"I intend to murder every one of your friends. But you… I reserve a special treatment for you…" - A Beloved Sin

Dark Fantasy Goddess of Deception - Cursed King
Award-Winning Author Danielle Paquette-Harvey


A Unique author

Danielle Paquette-Harvey is an Award-Winning, Amazon International Best Selling author of paranormal romance, fantasy, and steamy vampire romance fantasy. She also writes poetry. Her books have sold thousands of copies in 12 different countries worldwide. Her books include werewolves and vampires, myths and dark prophecies, magic and witches, dragons and fairies, adventure and war, goddesses and demons.

Her books have been translated into French and they are currently being translated into Italian.


She is a self-published author living on the south shore of Montreal, Canada, with her husband, children, two cats, and an Australian Shepherd.

Now's your chance to get your hands on the books that everyone's talking about!

Dark Fantasy Romance - Cursed King


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