Amazon International Best Seller Writer of steamy romance fantasy books

Born in Montreal.
💕Writing is my passion! 💕 My books have been sold worldwide, from Canada and USA, to Australia and Japan, and many more countries.

My books are masterpieces of romance, mixed with just the right amount of steam and fantasy. They are filled with werewolves and vampires. All of my books are available on Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited!

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Favorite Quotes

"I heard my wolf call to me. She wanted me to go to him. But I told her to stop, she must be wrong. That man kidnapped me. He was the enemy. He was a vampire, for god’s sake! Why was I so attracted to him?" - Age-Old Enemies

"I intend to murder every one of your friends. But you… I reserve a special treatment for you…" - A Beloved Sin

"I closed my eyes and took a big breath. 
“Fine. I cannot live without you. I need you like the air I breathe. Being apart from you drive me crazy. Just give me a chance to prove I’m a worthy mate."" - A Beloved Sin

"“Eshenesra, you are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known… And even that is an understatement.” - The Fallen

"We danced to the song, our bodies moving in sync. Her hair was flowing as I twirled her; a fiery flower with a magnetic pull. She was luring me in, catching my soul in her flaming eyes. I was sure every woman tonight wished they dazzled and shined as bright as she did." - The Fallen

I tried to put back the shawl, but he stopped me. He softly brushed his fingers on my bruises.

His eyes were burning with anger, but his voice was soft.

“Who did this to you?"" - The Fallen



A Unique author

Amazon International Best Seller writer of fantasy books, and poet!

She grew up in Montreal. She always loved books and writing stories. Growing up, she loved vampire and werewolves stories above all. 

Database administrator by profession, she always wanted to write books. It took a few years, but she's finally done it.

Her three first books are Best Sellers on Amazon, selling in more than ten countries around the world. Two are also translated to French!

Now's your chance to get your hands on the books that everyone's talking about!



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