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The Movie

Discover everything about this amazing journey!

This project started off in 2022, when I met an amazing screenwriter, Alan Roth. We started talking about my book, Age-Old Enemies, and the other books of the series, A Beloved Sin, and The Fallen. Quickly, he told me those books would make a great movie adaptation, and we started working together.

In the beginning of 2023, a treatment was created in order to propose Age-Old Enemies to movie producers, as the first of three potential movies with vampires and werewolves. It was ambitious, but we believed in the project!

The response from the producers was even better than expected! Seven major movie producers were interested in looking at our treatment, some even going as far as asking for the book!

Full of hope, we were waiting for them to read it all and come back to us, until... May 2023, an unprecedented strike happened in Hollywood. Screenwriters and actors united together and went on strike. Everyone hoped for a fast resolution of the strike, but it went on until the end of September for the screenwriters, and the beginning of November for the actors.

The strike having finally been resolved, the project can move forward. I am currently waiting for things to resume in the movie industry for the project to start again.

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