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Series: Blood and Kisses Book 2

Genres: Dark Fantasy Romance, Romantasy, Fantasy, Romance


ISBN : To come

Available Languages : English (French version coming soon)

What if you had to betray your god to save the one you love? What do you do when the world crumbles under you? When the people you thought you could trust stab you in the back?

The woman Nathan loves has been taken from him, and now his wolf is restless. The half-vampire hybrid will tear the world apart to find her. But what he discovers is more than what he bargained for.

Caleb awakens as the goddess's son and the instrument of her vengeance. But the assassin is soon faced with a choice for which nothing could have prepared him.

After discovering the truth about the birth of the elven race, Elaine must find a way to save their magic. But her path is strewn with pitfalls.

In this tale of passion, lust, betrayal, and death, enemies ally as they share a common goal: to restore the draconic race.

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