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Mind blowing editorial review for Cursed King

I was blown away by the five stars #editorial review I received for Cursed King. This is the second time's the book receives a five star editorial review. The first time it was from Readers' Favorite. This time, it's from Literary Titan.

It is such an honor considering they read and judge thousands of #books.

This is what Literary Titans had to say about Cursed King.

In Cursed King: A Vampire Dark Fantasy Romance, Danielle Paquette-Harvey invites readers into a turbulent realm where King Nathan, a vampire-werewolf hybrid, grapples with the complexities of royal duties and personal desires. As Nathan stands at the precipice of an arranged marriage, his inner turmoil intensifies, compounded by his wolf side’s silence. However, his nuptials are abruptly shattered by an assassination attempt, spiraling his life into chaos. With a kingdom teetering on the edge and an assassin lurking in the shadows, Nathan’s journey is one of survival and alliance-seeking amid a landscape indifferent or hostile to his plight.


Paquette-Harvey skillfully weaves a narrative brimming with intrigue and #fantasy. King Nathan, emerges as a multi-dimensional character whose reputation belies a softer, romantically inclined nature. The cast extends to Caleb, a morally ambiguous #assassin with a penchant for danger and desire, and Samantha, a cunning vampiress whose manipulative tendencies are as formidable as they are detestable. While Emerald serves as a compelling supporting character, her perspective remains a tantalizing mystery, perhaps to be explored in future installments.


The author’s strength lies in her ability to juggle a diverse ensemble of characters, each contributing their unique viewpoint to an intricately connected storyline. The narrative is further enriched by a vibrant tapestry of #vampires, #werewolves, elves, and humans, ensuring a varied and immersive experience. The plot, marked by its well-crafted cliffhangers, propels readers through a whirlwind of emotions and anticipations, culminating in a compelling urge to discover what lies ahead.


Cursed King: A Vampire Dark Fantasy Romance is a testament to Paquette-Harvey’s narrative finesse and imaginative world-building. It’s a story that lingers with the reader, sparking a keen interest in the unfolding saga. As the first book concludes with tantalizing hints of what’s to come, one thing is clear: the journey through this #enthralling world is far from over.

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