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My books available in a bookstore 🤩

🤩🤩 OMG 🤩🤩

Super excited!! My books will be available in a local bookstore, BuroPro Citation of Beloeil, QC, Canada ✨

This is a great achievement, as an Indie author, to have my book in a bookstore while I'm not associated with any publishing house 🤩❤️🤩

They have a few copies of :

- The Prophecy

- Age-Old Enemies

- A Beloved Sin (starting March 1st)

They are werewolves and vampires romance novels ❤️🔥❤️

You read that right!! 🤭 They will have all of the books of the series as the third book comes out March 1st.

So I hope you encourage a local bookstore and an indie author ❤️❤️❤️

Help spread the news ❤️🙏



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